Vietnam Visa Costs: What You Need to Know in 2022

This article was originally published in November 28, 2012. It was last updated November 17, 2022.

Vietnam visa costs are frequently updated and where once there were only a handful of visa options, the list has now become extensive.

From work permits to investment visas to tourist visas there are now myriad ways you can enter and stay in Vietnam. These do, however, come at a cost.

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Who determines Vietnam visa fees?

Vietnam visa fees are determined by the Ministry of Finance and are updated regularly through Circulars issued by the ministry. The information herein is taken from Circular No. 25/2021/TT-BTC dated April 7, 2021. This circular came into force May 22, 2021.

Who pays Vietnam visa costs?

Vietnamese employers will usually cover the visa costs of their employees.

Foreign visitors to Vietnam cover the visa costs for tourist visas either at the airport or through Vietnam’s e-visa system.

Who collects Vietnam visa fees?

There are a number of institutions in Vietnam empowered to collect visa fees. They are:

  • Immigration Management Department (Ministry of Public Security);
  • Police authorities,
  • Commanders of Border Guards of provinces and central-affiliated cities;
  • Department of Consular Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City (Ministry of Foreign Affairs);
  • Police authorities of communes, wards, towns (capable of issuing immigration documents).

Vietnam visa costs

No. Entry Type Cost 1 Single-entry visas US$25 2 Multiple-entry visas Valid for 3 months US$50 Valid for 3 to 6 months US$95 Valid for 6 to 12 months US$135 Valid for 12 months to 2 years US$145 Valid for 2 to 5 years US$155 Visas issued to individuals under 14 years of age (regardless of length) US$25 3 Transferring a visa from one passport to another. For example, if a passport has expired or run out of pages. US$5 4 Written visa exemption US$10 5 Temporary residence cards Valid for 2 years or less US$145 Valid for 2 to 5 years US$155 Valid for 5 to 10 years US$165 6 Extension of temporary residence US$10 7 New issuance/re-issuance of temporary residence cards US$100 8 Issuance of permit for entering prohibited areas, border areas; permit for Laotian nationals to use border laissez-passers to enter Vietnamese provinces. US$10 9 Visas for passengers in transit traveling by airway and/or seaway to visit and tour (according to Article 25 and Article 26 of Law on Immigration, Transit and Residence of foreigners in Vietnam dated June 16, 2014). US$5 10 Visas based on lists of approved personnel of immigration management bodies in case of foreigners visiting, touring by seaway or transiting by seaway wish to travel inland to visit, tour under programs organized by international tourism enterprises in Vietnam; members of foreign military watercraft traveling under official operations of visits that stretch beyond provinces and central-affiliated cities where the watercraft anchors. US$5 11 Immigration permit for foreigners residing in Vietnam permanently without passports. VND 200,000 12 Permit for individuals who have entered border economic zones via border laissez-passers to visit other places in the provinces. US$10